How to learn Bitcoin, and why

Bitcoin is the best form of money in the world, and practically-speaking, money is honestly the most important thing to humankind, since it determines how everyone spends their time. Our money will go further in a deflationary economy, making all necessities cheaper every year, unless it's interfered with by the government (such as enforcing patents and such). Scarcity exists wherever there is demand, and markets exist when there is supply and demand. Having a money that isn't scarce makes fair commerce impossible.

Further, without being able to accurately measure scarcity, that makes it harder for the market to make things less scarce.

People need to give themselves permission to really learn about money, otherwise, those who do can take advantage of those who don't. Not everyone should need to think about money, absolutely, but like it or not, everyone is in the middle of a global economic war, and those who can fight must learn to fight.

There's so much to know, and I get overwhelmed sometimes, but if you want to learn more, you really only need three things:

Some foundational theory in applied cryptography:

River Financial's glossary also provides good overviews of the BIPs:,bip,-125

And then the BIPs themselves:

BIPs on GitHub can be searched using the search field on the upper left (GitHub's search is super helpful).

River Financial's glossaries are so good, probably because the more one learns about something, the more convinced you are to invest in it (money and time).

Learning to use GitHub is an important skill for anyone looking to use or invest in a software project. Of course, Bitcoin isn't really an investment. Someday people will stop taking dirty fiat and only take Bitcoin when you go to pay your bills. If you're putting your money into Bitcoin right now, you're just doing so before everyone else does.

And one of the best things about Bitcoin is, when the economy grows, your money goes further, so it's never ever too late to get into Bitcoin.

If you're not yet a Bitcoin maximalist, you don't yet know enough about Bitcoin.

Bitcoin will solve for wealth inequality, end perpetual war, and accelerate the transition to renewable energy. If you'd like to know more, subscribe and I'll explain more.

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