Thoughts and Discussion on my recent podcast with Jess, The Bitcoin Bandicoot, on Rust and Bitcoin

Here’s a link to the video in case it’s not loading:

So, just a couple things I want to make sure are communicated, because sometimes I forget to mention them…

I mentioned El Salvador, and I promise I’m not against it, I just think that Bitcoiners always stay true to their principles. Check out this article for a reasonable critique:

I’m just saying, Bitcoin should succeed based solely upon its merit, not by some government mandate. I should also clarify, the US government only guarantees that financial institutions must accept dollars, and taxes are paid in dollars. No vendor is mandated to accept dollars.

I will say, El Salvador’s representatives voted the bill and all its language into law, and it’s no less valid than any law coming out of Washington for us Americans. In the end, we’re not the real stakeholders of this decision here. So, we’ll see, and I hope it goes well for them.

Jess also asked me about Bitcoin in relation to Rust, and I mentioned there isn’t enough there. However, I will admit, I totally forgot to mention Sapio! Check it out here:

It provides a few useful tools written in Rust that allow developers to develop contracts for Bitcoin more safely and effectively. It’s developed by Jeremy Rubin, who put on an amazing event in Miami, and I hope he does another one. Link to the event I mentioned here:

There’s also Dr. Maxim Orlovsky’s work here:

and here:

And also, the Monero Farcaster daemon, which is based upon Orlovsky’s Rust Lightning node:

Also, for more on how to learn Rust, be sure to check out the article on this blog that I mentioned here:

Much gratitude to Jess for the great interview, and please excuse the moisture on my shirt, it was raining and I had to drag an ethernet cable from my house into her trailer.

Also, reach out if you want a Peace, Love, Bitcoin shirt, I can check and see if the guy who made those is still selling them.

I recommend Start9’s node for running Lightning and more:

And if anyone has any more questions or thoughts, or words of encouragement, feel free to chime in here!